We Offer a Profesional CCTV installation service for 
Domestic and Commercial

Hikvision IP Systems

An IP CCTV system offers High resolution Pictures/recording (up to 8mp), Higher Flexibility, Higher spec cameras, and Specialist cameras (ANPR, Fish eye, Thermal, Pano vu, PTZ, Wide angle and more)

Ip system do have a higher cost



Hikvision Turbo HD Systems

A Turbo HD CCTV system offers High resolution pictures/recording (up to 8mp) over a coax cable which means existing cabling can be reused if in good condition saving money.

The cameras are much cheaper than there IP equiveillance, but the system is not as flexible and has less camera options compared to an Ip system.

Turbo HD systems work out cheaper even when using high-res cameras

you will get more for your money with Turbo HD


Hikvision Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system gives you the best of both worlds,


Remote viewing available on all Hikvision systems via phone or tablet using Hikconnect app

Remote management available on all systems *

Hikvision 3 Year Warranty (T&C`s apply)


We also offer

Dahua Ip Systems


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