Do you still need a TV Aerial or Satellite dish ?

Can you just connect your TV to the wifi ?

The easiest way to receive Live Tv or record live TV is Via a Digital Aerial or Satellite dish. 

A Digital Aerial give you access to Freeview and a Satellite dish gives you access to Freesat.

It is true that most catch up TV app`s can give you live TV, but you would need to login to each app to find the live tv source,

you would not have a TV guide or the ability to click up and down your live tv channels like we have done since TV`s were invented.

If you are planning a refurb or building a new home, I would highly recommend having a basic TV points with one coax cable back to a central location where a TV aerial amp or satellite multi switch can be fitted.

Please contact us if you need help and advice on cable requirement. 



Do you need to run tones of Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 to every room in your house?

My Advices for cabling your home is as follows 

There is no need to run multiple Cat cables to multiple points in multiple rooms, don’t get me wrong I still believe hard wiring is the best way to network, in some cases the only way.

I always recommend, if possible, 

TV Points 1 x coax 1 x Cat5e  

Wi-Fi access points 1 x cat5e

Home offices should have hardwired network points 

CCTV need to be hardwired 

Some multiroom music amps need to be hardwired.

Wireless connections are so much better now, so if you have a good, hardwired Wi-Fi distribution system your AV devices will connect wirelessly with NO problems.

So, my advice is to spend less on cabling and more on good quality Wi-Fi Access point 

Also, On a gigabit (1000mbps) Network, There is no difference between Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 apart from the cost 

Home Cinema 

AV Amp or Soundbar

In my opinion this depends on the following 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use sound system for your front room Tv to improve the sound and give the feel that you are at the cinema I would suggest a sound bar, you can include a wireless sub and wireless rear speaker, it will look great, sound amazing and will be really easy to use with no extra remotes

I always recommend Sonos, as their system just works. It looks and sounds amazing too, but it is at the top end of the pricing range.

There are many other brands that look & sound great too.


If, however you are looking to install a dedicated Cinema room where all the speakers can be placed into the correct position along with the seating, and you are looking for a system that will deliver Full Cinema surround sound.

Then the AV amp and speakers is the only way to go, it is not as user friendly as the sound bar, but the quality of the sound will be far better if the speaker are good quality and positioned correctly.

Mesh and Powerline Wi-Fi systems

Do they really work 

Mesh and Powerline Wi-Fi networks will never be as good as a hardwired Wi-Fi distribution system, but I can’t say they do not work, but they do have a lot more problems than wired networks.

Mesh and Powerline is an easier and cheaper option and in most cases is something you can install yourself, but you tend to find you get intermittent problems and end up rebooting the products to get them to work.

Mesh and powerline tend to slow down your overall internet speed; you might have a 50mbps broadband but end up with 15mbps Wi-Fi in parts of your property.

The other problem with mesh and powerline Wi-Fi products is that your wireless device (Phone, Tablet) do not always move to the closer access point automatically and stay connected to an access point further away giving you’re a poor slow Wi-Fi connection.

When it comes to Wi-Fi system you really do get what you pay for.

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